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    Not updating gunz launcher

    For powerful creatures, such as Pinkys, use a ranged weapon and stand at a safe distance; remember to save the game often.

    Nightmare mode Successfully complete the game on any difficulty to unlock the Nightmare difficulty.

    Made up items Type "give [anything]", where the item is anything that is not an item in the game.

    The window will say that the item is unknown, but it will say it is in your inventory.

    Defeating the Guardian Of The Soul Cube When fighting the Guardian Of The Soul Cube in hell, do not bother shooting his body. Instead, blast his "searchers" with something with good coverage like the chaingun, and he will have to spawn more. Also, look in the room around the columns for ammunition, health, etc. Beware of the edge of the room, as you can fall off. They will open up and arc electricity periodically.

    Along with the "invalid" message, you will get a message stating that you have a good memory.

    View credits Go to the Excavation Site level (final map) and get just before you enter the halls of Cyber-Satan. Look directly above the floor under a few protruding bricks to see the i D logo in the stone wall. The same sound played when you use a computer will be heard. The brick it on will push into the wall with a scratching sound. Follow it to find a chamber lit by red light that has a huge horned skull on the back wall.

    r_hdr_bloom Fraction: fraction to smear across neighbors r_hdr_exposure: Maximum light scale r_hdr_gamma: Monitor gamma power r_hdr_monitor Dither: Random dither in monitor space r_hdr_use Floats: Use a floating point rendering buffer r_ignore: Used for random debugging without defining new vars r_ignore2: Used for random debugging without defining new vars r_ignore GLErrors: Ignore GL errors r_inhibit Fragment Program: Ignore the fragment program extension r_jitter: randomly subpixel jitter the projection matrix r_joint Name Offset: offset of joint names when r_showskel is set to 1 r_joint Name Scale: size of joint names when r_showskel is set to 1 r_light All Back Faces: light all the back faces, even when they would be shadowed r_light Scale: all light intensities are multiplied by this r_light Source Radius: for soft-shadow sampling r_lock Surfaces: allow moving the view point without changing the composition of the scene, including culling r_log File: number of frames to emit GL logs r_material Override: overrides all materials r_mega Texture Level: draw only a specific level r_merge Model Surfaces: combine model surfaces with the same material r_mode: video mode number r_multi Samples: number of antialiasing samples r_offsetfactor: polygon offset parameter r_offsetunits: polygon offset parameter r_order Indexes: perform index reorganization to optimize vertex use r_renderer: hardware specific renderer path to use r_sb_bias Scale: scale factor for jitter bias r_sb_frustom FOV: oversize FOV for point light side matching r_sb_jitter Scale: scale factor for jitter offset r_sb_light Resolution: Pixel dimensions for each shadow buffer, 64 - 2048 r_sb_linear Filter: Use GL_LINEAR instead of GL_NEAREST on shadow maps r_sb_no Shadows: don't draw any occluders r_sb_occluder Facing: 0 = front faces, 1 = back faces, 2 = midway between r_sb_poly Ofs Factor: polygon Offset factor for drawing shadow buffer r_sb_poly Ofs Units: polygon Offset units for drawing shadow buffer r_sb_randomize: randomly offset jitter texture each draw r_sb_samples: 0, 1, 4, or 16 r_sb_screen Space Shadow: build shadows in screen space instead of on surfaces r_sb_show Frustum Pixels: color the pixels contained in the frustum r_sb_single Side: only draw a single side (0- 5) of points lights r_sb_use Culling: cull geometry to individual side frustums r_sb_use Pbuffer: draw offscreen r_sb_view Resolution: Width of screen space shadow sampling screen Fraction for testing fill rate, the resolution of the entire screen can be changed r_shadow Polygon Factor: scale value for stencil shadow drawing r_shadow Polygon Offset: bias value added to depth test for stencil shadow drawing r_shadows: enable shadows r_show Alloc: report alloc/free counts r_show Cull: report sphere and box culling stats r_show Defs: report the number of mode Defs and light Defs in view r_show Demo: report reads and writes to the demo file r_show Depth: display the contents of the depth buffer and the depth range r_show Dominant Tri: draw lines from vertexes to center of dominant triangles r_show Dynamic: report stats on dynamic surface generation r_show Edges: draw the sil edges r_show Entity Scissors: show entity scissor rectangles r_show Images: 1 = show all images instead of rendering, 2 = show in proportional size r_show Intensity: draw the screen colors based on intensity, red = 0, green = 128, blue = 255 r_show Interaction Frustums:1 = show a frustum for each interaction, 2 = also draw lines to light origin, 3 = also draw entity bbox r_show Interactions: report interaction generation activity r_show Interaction Scissors: 1 = show screen rectangle which contains the interaction frustum, 2 = also draw construction lines r_show Light Count: 1 = colors surfaces based on light count, 2 = also count everything through walls, 3 = also print overdraw r_show Lights: 1 = just print volumes numbers, highlighting ones covering the view, 2 = also draw planes of each volume, 3 = also draw edges of each volume r_show Light Scale: report the scale factor applied to drawing: for overbrights r_show Light Scissors: show light scissor rectangles r_show Mega Texture: display all the level images r_show Mega Texture Labels: draw colored blocks in each tile r_show Memory: print frame memory utilization r_show Normals: draws wireframe normals r_show Over Draw: 1 = geometry overdraw, 2 = light interaction overdraw, 3 = geometry and light interaction overdraw r_show Portals: draw portal outlines in color based on passed / not passed r_show Primitives: report drawsurf/index/vertex counts r_show Shadow Count: colors screen based on shadow volume depth complexity, = 2 = print overdraw count based on stencil index values, 3 = only show turboshadows, 4 = only show static shadows r_show Shadows: 1 = visualize the stencil shadow volumes, 2 = draw filled in r_show Silhouette: highlight edges that are casting shadow planes r_show Skel: draw the skeleton when model animates, 1 = draw model with skeleton, 2 = draw skeleton only r_show Smp: show which end (front or back) is blocking r_show Surface Info: show surface material name under crosshair r_show Surfaces: report surface/light/shadow counts r_show Tangent Space: shade triangles by tangent space, 1 = use 1st tangent vector, 2 = use 2nd tangent vector, 3 = use normal vector r_show Texture Polarity: shade triangles by texture area polarity r_show Texture Vectors: if 0 draw each triangles texture (tangent) vectors r_show Trace: show the intersection of an eye trace with the world r_show Tris: enables wireframe rendering of the world, 1 = only draw visible ones, 2 = draw all front facing, 3 = draw all r_show Unsmoothed Tangents:if 1, put all nvidia register combiner programming in display lists r_show Updates: report entity and light updates and ref counts r_show Vertex Cache r_show Vertex Color: draws all triangles with the solid vertex color r_show View Entitys: 1 = displays the bounding boxes of all view models, 2 = print index numbers r_single Area: only draw the portal area the view is actually in r_single Entity: suppress all but one entity r_single Light: suppress all but one light r_single Surface: suppress all but one surface on each entity r_single Triangle: only draw a single triangle per primitive r_skip Ambient: bypasses all non-interaction drawing r_skip Back End: don't draw anything r_skip Blend Lights: skip all blend lights r_skip Bump: uses a flat surface instead of the bump map r_skip Copy Texture: do all rendering, but don't actually copy Tex Sub Image2D r_skip Deforms: leave all deform materials in their original state r_skip Diffuse: use black for diffuse r_skip Dynamic Textures: don't dynamically create textures r_skip Fog Lights: skip all fog lights r_skip Front End: bypasses all front end work, but 2D gui rendering still draws r_skip Gui Shaders: 1 = skip all gui elements on surfaces, 2 = skip drawing but still handle events, 3 = draw but skip events r_skip Interactions: skip all light/surface interaction drawing r_skip Light Scale: don't do any post- interaction light scaling, makes things dim on low- dynamic range cards r_skip Mega Texture: only use the lowest level image r_skip New Ambient: bypasses all vertex/fragment program ambient drawing r_skip Overlays: skip overlay surfaces r_skip Particles: 1 = skip all particle systems r_skip Post Process: skip all post-process renderings r_skip Render: skip 3D rendering, but pass 2D r_skip Render Context: NULL the rendering context during backend 3D rendering r_skip ROQ: skip ROQ decoding r_skip Specular: use black for specular1 r_skip Subviews: 1 = don't render any gui elements on surfaces r_skip Suppress: ignore the per-view suppressions r_skip Translucent: skip the translucent interaction rendering r_skip Updates: 1 = don't accept any entity or light updates making everything static r_slop Normal: merge normals that dot less than this r_slop Tex Coord: merge texture coordinates this far apart r_slop Vertex: merge xyz coordinates this far apart r_subview Only: 1 = don't render main view, allowing subviews to be debugged r_swap Interval: changes wgl Swap Intarval r_terrain Scale: vertically scale USGS data r_test ARBProgram: experiment with vertex/fragment programs r_test Gamma: if 0 draw a grid pattern to test gamma levels r_use Cached Dynamic Models:cache snapshots of dynamic models r_use Clipped Light Scissors: 0 = full screen when near clipped, 1 = exact when near clipped, 2 = exact always r_use Combiner Display Lists: put all nvidia register combiner programming in display lists r_use Constant Materials: use pre-calculated material registers if possible r_use Culling: 0 = none, 1 = sphere, 2 = sphere box r_use Deferred Tangents: defer tangents calculations after deform r_use Depth Bounds Test: use depth bounds test to reduce shadow fill r_use Entity Callbacks: if 0, issue the callback immediately at update time, rather than defering r_use Entity Culling: 0 = none, 1 = box r_use Entity Scissors: 1 = use custom scissor rectangle for each entity r_use External Shadows: 1 = skip drawing caps when outside the light volume, 2 = force to no caps for testing r_use Frustum Far Distance: if !

    = 0 force the view frustum far distance to this distance r_use Index Buffers: use ARB_vertex_buffer_object for indexes r_use Infinite Far Z: Use the no-far-clip-plane trick r_use Interaction Culling: 1 = cull interactions r_use Interaction Scissors:1 = use a custom scissor rectangle for each shadow interaction, 2 = also crop using portal scissors r_use Interaction Table: create a full entity Defs * light Defs table to make finding interactions faster r_use Light Culling: 0 = none, 1 = box, 2 = exact clip of polyhedron faces, 3 = also areas r_use Light Portal Flow: use a more precise area reference determination r_use Light Scissors: 1 = use custom scissor rectangle for each light r_use Node Common Children: stop pushing reference bounds early when possible r_use NV20Mono Lights: use pass optimization for mono lights r_use Optimized Shadows: use the dmap generated static shadow volumes r_use Portals: 1 = use portals to perform area culling, otherwise draw everything r_use Precise Triangle Interactions: 1 = do winding clipping to determine if each ambiguous tri should be lit r_use Scissor: scissor clip as portals and lights are processed r_use Shadow Culling: try to cull shadows from partially visible lights r_use Shadow Projected Cull:discard triangles outside light volume before shadowing r_use Shadow Surface Scissor: scissor shadows by the scissor rect of the interaction surfaces r_use Shadow Vertex Program:do the shadow projection in the vertex program on capable cards r_use Sil Remap: consider verts with the same XYZ, but different ST the same for shadows r_use State Caching: avoid redundant state changes in GL_*() calls r_use Triple Texture ARB: cards with 3 texture units do a two pass instead of three pass r_use Turbo Shadow: use the infinite projection with W technique for dynamic shadows r_use Two Sided Stencil: do stencil shadows in one pass with different ops on each side r_use Vertex Buffers: use ARB_vertex_buffer_object for vertexes r_vertex Buffer Megs r_near: near Z clip plane distance radiant_ALTEdge Drag radiant_Angle Speed radiant_Autosave radiant_Autosave Minutes radiant_camerawindow radiant_Cam XYUpdate radiant_Chase Mouse radiant_Cubic Clipping radiant_Cubic Scale radiant_entity Mode radiant_Entity Show radiant_Hi Color Textures radiant_Inspector Docked Dialogs radiant_Inspectors Window radiant_Last Map radiant_Last Project radiant_Load Last radiant_Load Last Map radiant_Load Shaders radiant_Main Window Place radiant_Model Path radiant_Move Speed radiant_New Face Grab radiant_New Light Style radiant_New Map Format radiant_New Right Click radiant_New Texture Window Stuff radiant_New Vertex radiant_No Clamp radiant_No Stipple radiant_QE4Paint radiant_QE4Style Windows radiant_Radiant Map Path radiant_Rotate Lock radiant_Rotation radiant_Run Before radiant_Saved Info radiant_Select Whole Entities Key radiant_Size Painting radiant_Snapshots radiant_Snap T radiant_Status Point Size radiant_Switch Clip Key radiant_Texture Lock radiant_Texture Quality radiant_Texture Scale radiant_Texture Scrollbar radiant_texwindow radiant_Undo Levels radiant_Use Display Lists radiant_Use GLLighting radiant_Use Texture Bar radiant_Wide Tool Bar radiant_xywindow radiant_XZVIS radiant_xzwindow radiant_YZVIS radiant_yzwindow radiant_ZClip Bottom radiant_ZClip Enabled radiant_ZClip Top radiant_ZVIS radiant_zwindow rb_show Active: show rigid bodies that are not at rest rb_show Bodies: show rigid bodies rb_show Inertia: show the inertia tensor of each rigid body rb_show Mass: show the mass of each rigid body rb_show Timings: show rigid body cpu usage rb_show Velocity: show the velocity of each rigid body ===Dev Cheat List Part III=== g_use Dynamic Protection: scale damage and armor dynamically to keep the player alive more often g_vehicle Force g_vehicle Velocity g_view Nodal X g_view Nodal Z gui_config Server Rate gui_debug gui_edit gui_filter_game Type Gametype filter gui_filter_password Password filter gui_filter_players Players filter gui_medium Font Limit gui_small Font Limit ik_debug show IK debug lines ik_enable enable IK image_anisotropy set the maximum texture anisotropy if available image_cache Megs maximum MB set aside for temporary loading of full-sized precompressed images image_cache Min K: maximum KB of precompressed files to read at specification time image_color Mip Levels: development aid to see texture mip usage image_down Size: controls texture downsampling image_down Size Bump: Controls normal map downsampling image_down Size Bump Limit: Controls normal map downsample limit image_down Size Limit: Controls diffuse map downsample limit image_down Size Specular: Controls specular downsampling image_down Size Specular Limit: Controls specular downsampled limit image_filter: Changes texture filtering on mipmapped images image_force Down Size image_ignore High Quality: Ignore high quality setting on materials image_lodbias: Change lod bias on mipmapped images image_preload: If 0, dynamically load all images image_round Down: Round bad sizes down to nearest power of two image_show Background Loads:1 = print number of outstanding background loads image_use All Formats: allow alpha/ intensity/ luminance luminance alpha image_use Cache: 1 = do background load image caching image_use Compression: 0 = force everything to high quality image_use Normal Compression: 2 = use rxgb compression for normal maps, 1 = use 256 color compression for normal maps if available image_use Offline Compression: Write a batch file for offline compression of DDS files image_use Precompressed Textures: Use files if present image_write Normal TGA: Write of the final normal maps for debugging image_write Normal TGAPalletized: Write of the final palletized normal maps for debugging image_write Precompressed Textures: Write files if necessary image_write TGA: write of the non normal maps for debugging in_always Run: always run (reverse _speed button) -only in MP in_anglespeedkey: angle change scale when holding down _speed button in_free Look: look around with mouse (reverse _mlook button) in_mouse: enable mouse input in_pitchspeed: pitch change speed when holding down look _look Up or _look Down button in_yawspeed: yaw change speed when holding down _left or _right button lcp_show Failures: show LCP solver failures log File 1 = buffer log, 2 = flush after each print il File Name name of log file, if empty,will be used.


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